About Us

SANITARY OPERATING SYSTEMS (SIOSCA), are a company with high content of environmental conservation and respect to the environmental policies, being this our north in all our productive processes.

He is by that one of our lines of production corresponds to the postindustrial recycling and post-Industrial consume of several types of plastics, transforming them again into plastic resins which are used by the manufacturer company.

In our lines of plastic recycling we produce High Density Polyethylene resins (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP) and Tereftalato of polyethylene (PET) in Degrees for Injection, Blown and Extrusion.

We have an installed capacity of 3,853 TM/year in production of Recycled Plastic Raw materials.

Complementing our lines of production, we have installed capacity of 500 plastic injection of TN/Monthly and in extrusion we can produce 608 TN/Monthly.

We produce a range of articles and own products and accepted any type of contract of assembles or product subcontracts

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